Pre-Opening in our second showroom

Although we are still far away from the completion of the new showroom and it was initially planned exclusively as a storage area, we were able to invite to a very small but fine pre-opening barbecue on Sunday 27th September 2020.

Not far from our main showroom In the Entenäckern 14 a+b, we were recently able to acquire another location to enable our urgently needed expansion.


During an appointment with Marvin Braungart, who is responsible for trade fairs and public relations at the MVC Deutschland e.V., we had the spontaneous flash of inspiration to hold the actually cancelled autumn outing after all.


Unfortunately it was not possible to reserve a restaurant for the annual autumn trip due to a pandemic. So we decided to move the destination of the trip to our new showroom. 

So we could enjoy a wonderful barbecue buffet in unexpectedly beautiful weather in the middle of the Daimler collection.


With exciting guests and great vehicles, it was a successful Sunday afternoon, which ultimately became a cross-brand club outing.


Also representatives of our regional partners came by to our great pleasure such as the Classic Car Refugium, GARAGE 229 or SML CarGroup.


We would like to thank our guests for this successful end of season event!


We are already looking forward to the official opening.