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Here you will find an overview and detailed information about our current vehicles on stock as well as an excerpt of our references. When choosing a vehicle, our focus especially lies on the originality and history of the individual cars.


Although the focus is set on automobiles of the marque Mercedes-Benz and classic cars, modern classics and special collector’s items are also among the objects for sale.


We will gladly take care of the professional mediation / brokerage of your vehicle. We can offer various possibilities to benefit with and through our services.


If your vehicle meets our quality standards, a direct purchase is also possible. All details about the procedure, the possibilities, and our approach can be found here.

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Here you will find our current research orders for vehicles which we are looking for in our own interest or on behalf of customers.


If you own one of the listed vehicles and want to part with it in the near future, we look forward to hearing from you!

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looking for something particular

Many automotive treasures are usually hidden behind closed garage doors and rarely reach commercial platforms.


Thanks to our broad network of dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts, we can bring you closer to your dream car. Simply create a no-obligation search request.


Separated from our in-house services, we can surely recommend some of our reliable and proven service providers.


Due to our positive experience with these entrusted service providers, we are more than happy to be able to connect you with them.


Our partners look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to support you with their expertise in the best possible way.

Carola Daimler Cars | Fahrzeuge Partner


Vehicle enthusiasts - especially in the classic car scene - cultivate a bond that feels like a long-standing friendship.


We are united by a lively driving experience, passion, and a preference for engine noise and the smell of gasoline.


We are pleased to have found like-minded partners who appreciate and share our views, and whom we can provide with mutual support in our projects.