16. Classic-Gala Schwetzingen 
Internat. Concours d‘Elegance

After the long period without classic car events, the unique, circular baroque garden of Schwetzingen Castle was once again the arena for an automotive journey through time, for which 160 selected classic vehicles from a wide variety of eras were exhibited in the sequence of their years of construction.


Whether steam or electric cars, motor carriages, small cars from the economic miracle or even state cars and clever individual developments - CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN 2020 showed how the automobile has developed over the last 120 years and how important design is for its success.


At the same time, 100 years of the French noble brand Talbot were celebrated in the circular baroque park, selected examples represented 90 years of Pininfarina design from Italy, the milestones of Mercedes-Benz as well as a time travel through the history of Ford and in the castle park almost all variants of the Mercedes 600 representation car were seen.

Strolling at long intervals, enjoying and experiencing automotive history at leisure - this was possible in an inimitable way at ASC-Classic-Gala Schwetzingen. A hygiene concept ensured a risk-free visit for around 15,000 visitors.


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This year, due to the pandemic, we decided to attend the Concours only as visitors and, against all odds, we found the event a great success.


There were spectacular automobiles to admire and many interesting special shows on site. In combination with the unsurpassable palace garden in the best weather, the event was a complete success.


For the Classic Gala Schwetzingen 2021, we definitely aim to be there at least as a participant - with pleasure also as an exhibitor.